Ferrous Foundry


Coatings for steel casting require very high refractoriness. Zircon-based coatings are widely used due to the extremly high working temperature. There are also magnesia-based coatings and silica-based coatings.
Magnesia-based coating is used for high manganese steel, widely used mechanical materials due to the excellent abrasive resistance.
Various kinds of coating can be used for iron casting such as zircon-based coatings, carbon-based coatings and silica-based coatings.

Chilling Coating

Chilling coating makes specific area solidify faster by applying to outside of molds. It has good refractoriness and self-dries on the air.

Riser Sleeve

A Riser Sleeve is also known as a Feed Head or Riser Feeder. When molten metal cools down, the metal volume must decrease by shrinkage. The Riser holds and supplies molten metal to the area where metal shrinkage occurs. It prevents shrinkage defect.
You can set a much smaller riser when you use a riser sleeve than when you use a sand riser. Much smaller volume of riser lets you design products easier and significantly reduces cost of post trimming and remelting.

There are various standard size in each type, round section(DH), oval section(T), neck down (SUPERISER Easy Cut), blind type(BDM), and wide & long board type. You have to check the size chart to choose right one. 


A riser with round section is most widely used. Inner diameter is from 50mm to 500mm.
A riser with oval section can be installed on narrow surface. short diameter / long diameter are from 30mm/85mm to 405mm/605mm.


 Bliner riser is also called as blinder feeder or closed riser. A riser can be installed inside of molds and it has excellent insulation, because its top is closed to prevent heat loss to the air.
A riser longer than 300mm diamter can be installed by rolling a Board Sleeve.  Length is from 1,100mm to 1,735mm. 



Hot Topping Compounds


FEXOL provides strong heat and great insulation by covering the top of a riser sleeve. It make sure the riser providing molten metal to the area where metal shrinkage occurs.


TERSOL emits very strong heat by Thermit reaction. It doesn’t only provides strong heat but it also supplies molten iron even though the amount is very less. It is very useful when molten metal is not enough due to the wrong design of riser or when you have to wait until the next injection.


FEEDA can be applied to all kinds of casting. It can be moldable as any shape requires and has great insulation and heat emission without  occuring any crack or deformation during the reaction


Metal Treatment